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Palestinian lady collects gas bombs fired by Israeli army. She grows flowers in these bombs.

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OMG I want the Squirtle tank top! 

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Rock Steady | The Whispers

This is that shit

-Who are you pretending to be?

-Bruce Wayne, eccentric billionaire.

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Casual reminder that this was an Actual Thing that actually aired on Cartoon Network.

What the actual fuck

What just happened


She got that cake tho

Am I the only one who’s reminded of Peter & Lois from family guy?

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Too close to perfection.

My next gadget. Moto 360.


Without the F&F series, car culture today would be very different - F&F is the franchise that started it all. I grew up watching the films (god knows how many times) and it undoubtedly influenced the way I thought about cars and it definitely helped spur on my love for cars. I know for sure that it made me respect and appreciate all types of cars. For some, it’s inspired people to live their lives by cars.

For those who do not know that much about Paul Walker outside of F&F, off-screen he contributed a lot to the SoCal car scene and car culture in general through his passion for racing cars and managing a performance parts shop amongst many things. He is a guy that appreciated all types of cars, and as car enthusiasts we can look up to this. JDM, muscle, whatever type of car - don’t hate. Of course we’ll always know that he had an affection for Skylines ;)

Paul Walker. We all owe you a 10 second car.

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Very rare.

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